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Grants to Special Educators in Marin County

Over $790,000 has gone to classrooms since 2003. At least $110,0000 will go to to classrooms this year.

This year, in addition to software, teaching materials, and other equipment, we purchased:

Each year special educators throughout Marin County’s pubic schools may apply for up to $2,500 to purchase the materials and equipment they need to help the children. Equipment such as computers, iPads, printers, specialized software, adapted curriculum, tech equipment, and other tools would be impossible with existing classroom budgets. Because of the DSE Grants Program, our kids are using technology and adaptive equipment to access standardized lessons. The Grants to Special Educators Program benefits every single one of the 4,000 students receiving special education services in Marin County public schools.

PLEASE NOTE: Only special educators working in the public schools in Marin County California are eligible to apply for grants.

We will not fund: field trips, fees to consultants, classroom furniture or construction, equipment used for administrative purposes and other equipment more appropriately funded from other sources such as MediCal or SELPA funds.

The grant limit is $2500

If you have a list of items you want, please prioritize, it is unlikely you will receive everything on your list.

What we will fund

What we do not fund

Technology Packages

We are offering specific technology packages that are purchased centrally through the TRC.

Equipment must be supported by your District

Every year we have teachers requesting equipment that districts do no support or install. We ask that you ensure your request has been approved by your program manager and/or IT Department. For instances some Districts will not support Macs, others will not support Windows. Very few will support whiteboard/projection systems. We are suggesting the television package in lieu of projection systems.

Keep in mind



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A complete list of past grants:

Teachers Respond

"We received our laminator and pouches this week and are so grateful!!! We immediately used it to laminate photos of some of our students to create a social story book about a student's morning routine, and we created calendars and weather boards for each child to use and participate at circle."

"I want to send my heartfelt thank you for funding my proposal. Your support in purchasing the software titles that I requested will have a tremendous impact on my students who receive specialized instruction... All of the titles I plan to buy focus on historically-relevant topics, which will serve to expose my students to social studies as a discipline of study, while working with developmentally appropriate materials to maximize their learning to read and reading to learn. Computer-based instruction with assistive technology built-in has a powerful impact on student learning. Thank you again!

"Thank you so much. I am so thrilled, and have plans already in mind on how to use it (iPad2) with my students! yipee, ye-haw!"

"Wow! This has been a challenging week, and to end it with an approval of my grant really lifted my spirits!!! I know my students will benefit from having this technology (iPad2) available. Thank you thank you thank  you."        

“I just received my Kimochis™ Teacher Tool Kit…it will be a powerful means of helping my students access and communicate their feelings more effectively.”

“Thank you so very much! I can’t tell you how excited I am to use the iPad, with my kids!”

“Thank you! We will put the sound system to use right away and I’ll let you know how it’s working.”

“We really appreciate receiving the computer and all the hard work you all do to make these funds available.”


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Grants to Special Educators

DSE has approved $110,000 in grants to teachers throughout Marin. Click here for the list.

Prius Raffle

Thank you Toyota Marin for FULLY DONATING another Prius!

This year's Prius Raffle has concluded and we would like to congratulate The Kimball Family of Greenbrae on winning a new 2014 Prius! Thank you to all who participated for making this year's raffle a success! We raised over $50,000 for special education in Marin County!

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Join us for playtime on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to noon. Connect with other parents and kids from early intervention through grade 2. For information about the next Playtime Saturday, e-mail us.

Thank You Schools Rule Marin

DSE received $43,000 from Schools Rule Marin this year! We will be investing it in technology for classrooms and technology training for teachers.

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