Summer Activities

Let's face it. Summer is a challenge for our community. Our kids may or may not be able to attend summer camps. And while organizations like Summer Ade can help out for a week, summer's long, lazy days can be hard to fill.

Nikki Miller has started a list of possible activities to consider. We've done many of these things, and can say that it can be even more fun if you put together a group. DSE is not organizing events, but if you want to reach out to other parents and caregivers, do so via our email chat service.

Here's Nikki's list - if you want to add to it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Oakland / SF Zoo (caregivers get in FREE)
  • Diiscovery Museum (get passes at your local library)
  • Train Town (near Sonoma Square)
  • Howarth Park (Santa Rosa)
  • Great America (South Bay)
  • Trains and planes - head to SF, ride buses, or trains. Head to airport to watch planes.
  • Ferry to San Francisco - Larkspur to Ferry Building, grab lunch, walk around, come home.
  • Flat hikes -
  • Beach (wheelchairs can be reserved. Heres the link for local beaches -
  • Picnic at the local park
  • Water park in Terra Linda (near Kaiser)
  • Farmer's Market
  • Gyms
  • Field trip to SF - Exploratorium, Academy of Science
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Music?
  • Movies
  • Swim parties (many of us have pools) 
  • Tours: Cowgirl Creamery or other cheese maker's