Grants Programs

Helping our educators help our kids! 

Since 2003, special educators in Marin County public schools have been eligible to apply for grants up to $2500 to puchase materials and equipment to improve access and learning opportunities for our students. Over the years we have put hundreds of computers, ipads, teaching materials and other innovations directly into classrooms, where they are being used by every special education student in Marin. When we began, there were very few operational computers in our classrooms and hardly any software being developed for our kids. Today, that situation has happily turned around, and our classrooms are well-equipped with the basics. Our students have computers, and the universe of technology and accessibility has been revolutionized. The "WOW Factor" on the horizon is staggeringly exciting for our kids.

Able to Act Quickly

One of the hallmarks of our grants program is the ability to put innovations to work without delay. In spring, 2010, Apple released its first iPad. Within a few weeks, DSE had purchased 20 of them for the Technology Resource Center to put to the test. The following fall, we had over 80 requests from special educators for iPads in their classrooms. It proved itself quickly, and soon developed into an essential tool for our students.

Innovation and Looking to the Future

There is so much happening in the world of education possibilites, DSE is again teaming up with the Technology Resource Center to take our next big step. We have redesigned our Grants to launch our Site Innovation Grants, while we will continue to support our Classroom Grants on a smaller scale.

Four Pillars of Emphasis

Both grants programs will be looking to fund projects that address one or more of these basic learning areas:

  • Communication
  • Literacy
  • Curriculum (Adaptation and Access)
  • Technology (using technology to enhance or expand learning opportunities)

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