Classroom Grants

Each year special educators throughout Marin County are eligible to apply for funding to purchase the tools, technology, and teaching materials they need in order to provide their students access to learning opportunities. Since we started our grants program, over $2 million has gone directly into classrooms, and each and every one of our 4000 students per year has benefited.

Much of the technology that has now become standard in our classrooms was pioneered through our Classroom Grants, and we intend to continue with the goal of encouraging new ideas in our classrooms.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All applicants must be special educators working in Marin County public schools. 100% of their students must have IEP's.

  • Special Day Class Teachers
  • Resource Teachers
  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists

New Guidelines

Our guidelines for Classroom Grants have changed. Our new goal is to again provide the sparks for innovation and progress - to encourage new thinking.

  • New technologies and innovation are encouraged, especially if they fall within our Four Pillars of Emphasis: Communication, Literacy, Curriculum (adaptation and access), and Technology (using technology to enhance or expand learning opportunities).
  • We will no longer purchase equipment that is considered standard for classrooms. This includes replacement of old equipment, and equpiment that is included in any student's IEP. These should be provided by the district, as required by law.
  • We will not fund major construction.
  • We will not fund experiential grants, including fees for consultants or field trips.

Grant Application Process

Grants applications are open in the fall. Watch for anouncements about the application window