Teacher Training

The ability for our special educators to access learning opportunities for themselves has become an important way we can improve learning opportunities for our kids. How to use innovative technology in the classroom, best practices for social interaction curriculum, assistive technology implementations - the list goes on for how we can make sure our kids are getting the very best.

Launched with our share of SchoolsRule funding, we have partnered with the Marin County Office of Education to put on many teacher trainings. In addition, we also provide tuition expenses for any special educator in Marin public schools to attend summer workshops and other programs. The trainings we sponsor are also open to any educator to attend, so our impact becomes even greater as these opportunities make their way to general education classrooms. With the philosophy that a rising tide raises all boats, we realize that broadening our impact will help our children even more.

Some of the workshops and trainiings helped by DSE sponsorships:

More Information on Trainings

  • Unique Curriculum
  • Common Core and Special Education
  • Guided Language Acquisition by Design
  • Social Thinking
  • Promoting Positive Classroom Behavior
  • Behavior Strategies for Students with ADHD
  • Literacy Instruction for Struggling Readers
  • CPI Workshop
  • Common Core for Students with ADHD
  • Behavior Basics for Para-Educators
  • ADOS II Training
  • Go-Teaching with Marilyn Friend
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Training Needs
  • EdCamp for Special Education Teachers
  • Special Education Showcase - teachrs who have incorporated technology in the classroom share what they have learned with other educators and families
  • "Try" Pad Days at the Technology Resource Center
  • Bookshare and Electronic Textbooks
  • "The Cloud " - Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud - Oh My!
  • ToTalkNow
  • Proloquo2Go - All you need to know
  • Do it - Write it - Read it - Say it!
  • Speech and language Apps for Parents, Students, and Clinicians
  • Using the iPad with a full class
  • Studying: It's All Changed!
  • Math: Wat to use?
  • Mideos, Vimeo and More
  • Google Accessibility
  • Effective Communication: The road to independence
  • ABC's of AT (Assistive Technology)
  • Studying for the 21st Century
  • Reading for the New Generation
  • LSH Winter Symposium
  • Writing - So much more than WORD!