$100,000 Site Innovation Grant for TRC

After over 16 years of operation and bringing technology interventions to special education students and educators, we figured it was time for updating and upgrading the Tech Center Marin. In 2017 we invested $100,000 in the TRC as one of our inaugural Site Innovation Grants.

Essentially, we have reimagined the way all students learn and want to access information, and put the money towards investing in the technology of the future. A few of the new innovations include:

  • Virtual reality station, putting students literally into a universe of learning. For instance, they'll be able to enter a beating heart to see how it works.
  • Robotics and telepresense tools that enable medically-fragile and other students to interact with their classrooms when they cannot attend.
  • Eye gaze technology to enable physically-challenged students to navigate the digital world.
  • Interactive technology screens that bring learning to life.
  • 3D technology to create inteventions and tools for specific students' needs.
  • More in fields of art, music, and tech.

In September 2017, we celebrated with a ribbon-cutting event, attended by local educators, government officials, DSE volunteers and other guests.

Article in the Marin Independent Journal