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The following training videos are produced by Changing Perspectives for the sole purpose of supporting Marin County educators. All rights reserved and content credited to Changing Perspectives.

The following videos have been developed to educate and empower educators in Marin County, California to support the social and emotional well being of all students. New resources and training will be added periodically.

Defining and Unpacking Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

This is an introductory training that is relevant to all members of a school community. This training provides an overview of social-emotional learning and the benefits and outcomes for students who engage in SEL. Additionally, during this training the 5 Core SEL Competencies published by CASEL will be unpacked to better understand all of the components that make up a comprehensive SEL approach.

Integrated SEL Practice

This training provides educators with valuable strategies on how SEL can be easily integrated into the current curriculum. A variety of tips and tricks for embedding SEL into both the physical and virtual classroom will be explained. Along with suggestions on how to conduct SEL assessments and engage parents.

Facilitating Conversations with Students Around Sensitive Issues

This training discusses the importance of creating safe spaces to facilitate conversations with students around sensitive issues. The training provides an overview on the various components that make up student identity and then outlines 5 steps in facilitating these conversations they can support educators.

Teaching SEL for Complex Learners

This training explores the importance of social-emotional learning for all students including our more complex learners. This training unpacks the how and why behind SEL for complex learners and provides specific strategies that can be used to ensure effective social-emotional learning instruction for a variety of students.



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