Latest Past Events

Outside Event: SELPA Operational Steering Committee

Marin County Office of Education 1111 Las Gallinas Ave, San Rafael

Organizer is Marin SELPA - https://www.marinschools.org/domain/56 Location subject to change, check Marin SELPA website for up to date event details

Parent Connections Meeting

Cup of Gold Inside Autistry Studios 850 4th Street, San Rafael

Meeting and connecting with other parents is the backbone of the DSE community. The Connections Meeting is a Parent-Run Discussion forum that reminds us that we are not alone in our journey. They provide a chance to connect with other like-minded parents and share information about what we are going through. Join us for these informal gatherings. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, we get answers to our questions, and always there are open hearts and helping hands.

Playtime at Marindale

Marindale School 850 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael

A morning of play and connection for Marin
County families (ages 8 and under) who receive
special education services
Fully accessible playground
RSVP required to attend
Outdoor play only